Lukas Romsicki


My name is Lukas.
I design friendly & tangible web/app experiences,
and produce fantastic digital content.

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I think gradients are cool.

Who Am I

I am a computer science student at Carleton University, completing a BCS degree through a partnership with Carleton University and Shopify.

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Aside from that, I create marvellous front-end experiences for any audience, produce quality digital content for any purpose, and build awesome code for anyone.

Front End Design



Oto-Wa Taiko is a Japanese drumming group in Ottawa, Ontario. This is a dynamic website, created using AngularJS and navigation based on UI-Router. The site also uses Firebase to manage content, and user accounts for members of the group. The site features a friendly design which suits the desired aesthetic of the art form and brand.



This website was created for a "human library" event co-organized by two schools in Ottawa. The website hosts biographies of many human books for students to read. This gateway was originally static, but was later converted to a full Wordpress installation using custom loops and fields. The site can now be easily edited using WYSIWYG functionality.



This site was created for a student-run TEDx conference. Using a custom version of the Bootstrap frameworking system, the site offered easy to use and accessible content, while maintaining authentic TED branding. The blog portion of the site ran on Wordpress to allow for easy editing by the executives.

This site is no longer active.



The Colonel By library website is used by students as a gateway to useful educational resources. This site is also based off of the Bootstrap framework, and offers a flexible layout solution to meet the needs of any type of content.



This website runs on carefully hand-crafted HTML, CSS, and JS, using nothing but the FlexboxGrid CSS layout framework. The original design saw numerous iterations over the past 7 years, and continues to be improved. The design was carefully thought out and planned, with original ideas and unique colours and typefaces.
Source tree available on GitHub.

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Application Design



Impulse is a 2D physics game based on the popular iOS app, Flappy Bird, written in Swift 2.0. I was interested in trying my hand at making my own app and making it available on the Apple App Store. I decided to create a game based off one of the App Store’s best-selling games, called “Flappy Bird.” I wanted to give the original Flappy Bird concept a striking interface, user customizability, and settings that I would have wanted to see in the original app.

Source tree available on GitHub.

Cine / Digital Media

Role: Director, Cinematographer, Editor
Running Time: 34:05
Resolution: 1080p

After hearing that their beloved high school is scheduled to be demolished next year due to an alleged environmental situation, student council co-presidents Francis and Daniel see the Mayor of Ottawa for an explanation. Shocked after learning that the report must be fake, they travel around the city finding clues leading them to the man responsible...

Role: Director, Cinematographer, Editor
Running Time: 15:01
Resolution: 1080p

It's Christmas time, and ultra-popular high school superstar Daniel has it all. But after learning that someone has sabotaged his entire future, university admissions, and scholarships, he begins to hate the holiday season, lashing out at everyone around him for revenge. After a nasty fall outside, three ghosts attempt to revive his Christmas spirit...


Youtube Playlist

Role: Editor, Cinematographer (Co-Host)
Avg. Running Time: 12:00 per segment
Ep. Worked On: 6
Resolution: 1080i

About the show:
High School Happenings is a monthly television programme on Rogers Television that features unique educational programs from a variety of high schools across Ottawa.

Youtube Playlist

Role: Editor, Cinematographer, Presenter
Avg. Running Time: 7:00
Ep. Worked On: 37
Resolution: 1080p

About CougarVision:
CougarVision is Colonel By Secondary School's internal television network, bringing students 6-10 minute daily episodes featuring announcements, shorts, and event coverage. It is entirely student-run.

Personal / Experimental


Running Time: 8:04
Resolution: 1080p

Compilation of different clips shot during a trip to Poland in 2015. Heavily inspired by videos from TheUwagaPies on YouTube from around the same time. Shot on a Panasonic DMC-GX7 with numerous lenses.


Running Time: 0:19
Resolution: 4K

A short timelapse from the 24th floor through a hotel window. Created using still images with long exposures, played in sequence at a higher frame rate.


Running Time: 3:31
Resolution: 1080p

Shot using the Canon HV20 MiniDV camcorder at 50% zoom at PF24, on a rather rainy day, to the tune of "La Vie en Rose" performed by Louis Armstrong.


Running Time: 3:24
Resolution: 1080p

Trying out 240fps slow-motion video capabilities of the iPhone X, while capturing the magical snowfall in Ottawa. Follow along for a trip from Shopify to Carleton U!

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