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Website Design Portfolio

Below are a selection of my finest works, created for different clients. Feel free to explore.


Website for Oto-Wa Taiko, a Japanese Drumming Group in Ottawa.
Visit the site at: otowataiko.ca.

humanlibraryWebsite for The Human Library event in Ottawa.
Visit the site at swlcbhumanlibrary.ca

tedxWebsite for TEDxYouth@OgilvieRd in Ottawa.
Visit the site at tedxyouthogilvierd.com


If you are too lazy to go to my actual Flickr photostream (understandable) a mosaic of the photos is below! Click to enlarge:

Want to view my photostream?

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Video & Film Production

One of my great interests is video and film production. A selection of my works is listed below, although many more can be seen on my YouTube channel, or on my Vimeo page.

Legacy - A 30-minute film created to end the 2016-2017 school year in June 2017

Role: A-Camera Operator, Editor, Co-Director

A holiday movie I filmed and edited for a digital broadcasting course in December 2016

A selection of CougarVision episodes

A quick video showcasing the Hi-Fi amplifier I built in Summer 2016

A timelapse taken from a hotel room in downtown Toronto

Film from my trip to Gdansk, Gdynia, & Sopot Poland in Summer 2015

A short collection of rain close-ups to the music of Louis Armstrong

Showing off my completed Ice Tube Clock Kit from Adafruit Industries


Electronics Design / Engineering

Personal Projects

Listed below are some projects that I have completed or am currently working on:

  • USB-DMX Interface for controlling stage lighting.
    This interface uses the FTDI USB-serial converter, and a TI differential bus transceiver.
  • Raspberry PI Commodore VIC-20 mod.
    This project uses the case and keyboard of an old Commodore VIC-20 and a Raspberry Pi to make a whole new computer!
  • Adafruit's Ice Tube Clock Kit.
    A clock using a VFD Tube!
  • A Custom-Built FM Radio
    A long-term summer project. Goal: To create a user-friendly Hi-Fi all-in-one radio that actually works!
  • Touch Screen Wall Calendar
    A 7" touch screen wall calendar to replace those old paper ones. Syncs to Google Calendar.
  • A GPS-synchronized LED wall clock.
    A digital wall clock which features an RTC and digitally adressable LEDs.
  • Summer Project: Modular Hi-Fi system.
    A Hi-Fi system featuring modular components, such as external tuner and VU meters, with a pair of matching speakers.

Ice Tube Clock Build - Photos

Modular Hi-Fi Amplifier - Photos

Custom Schematics

Software Used: EAGLE CAD, Fritzing, KiCAD

Modular Hi-Fi Amplifier


Custom-Built DMX Adapter - Version 2.0 RevB



I use EAGLE CAD to design my PCB's, although I don't usually send them off for manufacturing. You may take a look at them here.

You can send them to be manufactured if you like, but I don't guarantee they will work properly...

Custom-Built DMX Adapter - Version 2.0 RevB


AutoCAD Files

Coming soon.